We created Villa Oblique as a place where you can dream endlessly. A place where time disappears and makes space for the most intense and warm experiences. We invite you to travel around the World, and the door of each room will open for you the boarders of a new country, a new culture and a new state of mind. Each room is different – we have a place where the body relaxes and enjoys anticient massages and therapies, we have an amazing place where you can enjoy nature’s best tastes, we have a place where you can listen to the woods and to the fire, but most of all, we have a place for every dream you (might) have. It is in the architecture of villa to take you on the path of dreams. Definitely you will ask yourself how is it possible to have a house over another and how come it is not already floating from all the little lights in the night. Choose to live as our guest the dream of luxury, style and good taste. We will first be your friends and then your welcoming hosts.